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Check your Sigg
January 13, 2010, 8:46 am
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I originally bought a stainless-steel, Sigg water bottle 2 years ago because reports were coming out how Nalgene plastic water bottles were made with bisphenol-A (BPA), an organic compound used in many plastic products – including shatterproof plastic. Studies began to show that BPA can be harmful as it leaches from the container to the food or water inside, and then accumulates in your body tissues (which is likely to happen especially if your water bottle or other BPA-lined product it heated), and many people switched to Sigg water bottles, assuming that the stainless steel containers were BPA free.

Perhaps it was presumptive to think so, but it turns out that Sigg water bottles used to be lined with BPA, making them just about as harmful as the Nalgene bottles. They did stop making the BPA lined bottles in August 2008, and if you recently bought a Sigg, you should be fine. You can tell which type of Sigg you have by looking at the color of the rim. If it is a light yellow, you have the BPA free bottle; if it’s a more copper/gold color, it is lined with BPA. Check it out, since yet another study has come out stating that, unlike what many people are telling us, BPA can reach harmful levels in adults, not just children.

Most of the other stainless steel water bottle containers, including those from Klean Kanteen and Earthlust, are BPA free, and Nalgene now makes BPA-free plastic water bottles as well.

This may sound like too much complication for a thing as trivial as water bottles, but having a reusable water bottle like a Sigg or Nalgene is actually good for you in many ways:
1. Saves you money. These water bottles usually cost around $20. With the cost of bottled water these days – it pays for itself in 10-20 uses. Easily less than a month’s worth of water. And if you don’t lose your water bottle, they easily last over a year.
2. Good for the environment. With all we just learned about plastic, do you really want to throw one water bottle a day into a landfill? And, most bottled water is just filtered tap water anyway. For many people in the US, it is not a major improvement over water they can get out of the tap or a Britta filter.
3. Good for you! The most popular weight loss tip today is “drink more water!” If you always have a water bottle on hand, you’re more likely to actually drink something when you’re thirsty, and there’s less temptation to buy soda or juice, since you have free water right in front of you!

I hope now you’re ready to make the commitment to buy a reusable water bottle!!