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Aha! Reason to hate artificial sweeteners – the First of a many-parts series.
June 17, 2009, 4:11 pm
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It is true.  I am a tough critic of artificial sweeteners, Splenda included.  I had actually been planning a post to discuss why I dislike them – mostly because of insulin responses, malabsorption and gross side effects.  But alas — a reason that I did not even consider before!  Artificial sweeteners can not be (at least with current technology) completely cleaned from our water supply, despite all of our water treatment facilities.   Researchers in Germany ( tested seven artificial sweeteners and found trace amounts of 4 of the sweeteners (including sucralose, the main ingredient in Splenda) at two water treatment plants, and in soil aquifers.  


I’m not gonna lie…I find this pretty gross.  Here in the US, we’ve already begun to realize that we’re accumulating some lovely prescription drugs in our water ( and now there’s some more chemicals to worry about.  These studies are underlying the need for better technology to clean up water supplies and keeping them potable.  (And for the fish! Fish don’t like sweet water!)


Lastly – to convince you once again that artificial sweeteners are a no-no….if all of that waste treatment can’t break down the fake sugars and get rid of them….how do you think your body is going to do it?!  Be kind to yourself!