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Do it yourself: yogurt!
July 16, 2009, 8:44 am
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Hey there!

I’ve been meaning to make yogurt for many months, and last week, I finally conquered my fears and made some! Twice!  Now that I’ve started…I’m not likely to stop because it’s so easy.  It also has the added bonus of being a cheese with a nice yield, compared to ricotta, which I tend to be a little disappointed at.   Also great about making yogurt is that when you’re done, you can also strain it to reach desired consistancy…from runny to thick cream cheese.  And the leftover whey can be added to vegetables and beans…or used in your next batch of ricotta.

What you need:

1/2 gallon milk (I used my fancy unhomogonized milk, which yields the “cream on top” yogurt”

2-3 tbsp yogurt (I like the Stonyfield because they have such a nice mixture of 6 probiotics)

Candy Thermometer, a sauce pan to heat it in, a big baking dish, some hand towels and some jars to put your finished yogurt in!

First, you wanna heat up  your milk in a sauce pan until it’s at 185-195 degrees.  This is just to kill any bacteria floating around in your milk.  Around this time, turn your oven on to 350 degrees.

Next, cool your milk to about 120 degrees.  To speed this along, I like putting the saucepan in an ice bath..though I’m sure a fridge for a minute or two would do the trick (just make sure you’re watching the temperature!)

When the yogurt hits 120, take a few tablespoons of milk out of the pot and mix it with two tablespoons of yogurt.  This is just to get the starter yogurt at a good temperature and all mixed in.  Then you can add your yogurt/milk mixture to the rest of your milk and mix to spread the starter all around.

Next you pour your yogurt into your jars and place the lids on.  Wrap your jars in the towels and place them in the big baking dish.  Turn the oven off, and place the baking dish in said oven.  What you want to do is keep the yogurt at a consistent 110 degrees for a few hours, so that the bacteria may grow and gel the yogurt.   After a few hour or overnight, you can take the yogurt out and chill!  Enjoy for up to two weeks.

Not too bad, right?  And quite delicious!  Give it it a shot!

I followed the directions from Nice pictures too!

I tried a few different methods of keeping my yogurt warm, but the oven worked best for me.  If it seems infeasible (you have roommates or a busy oven).. you can invest in a yogurt maker, which keeps all of the little jars at a consistant temperature.



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Thanks for the directions, I too have been hesitant about attempting this… but it sounds fool proof, so I will give it a try.

Comment by Rosa D'Abate

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