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Our poor bodies…
June 23, 2009, 1:41 pm
Filed under: Pesticides, Research Studies

ehem, ehem….–psi062209.php…. They found that infant exposure to organophosphate pesticides last longer than expected – resulting in an impaired ability to metabolize toxins. The UC Berkeley center which conducted the study is now suggesting that the EPA reevaluate its pesticide standards because of this result. This is not the first study that has found this result either.

Why do I also value this study so highly? Because it was partly funded by the EPA. If the EPA is saying that the EPA needs to change its standards….we know it’s true, and hopefully it can happen soon. I became very aware of the presence of pesticides/environmental toxins when I read The AutoImmune Epidemic by Donna Jackson Nakazawa. It’s a really amazing book that looks into the growing prevalence of autoimmune diseases. She states that our daily bombardment of chemicals and synthetics make our body work extra hard, and eventually go on hyperactive mode, leading to allergies and autoimmune diseases. These pesticides and other chemicals like BPA (more on that on a different day) are what is driving our body to exhaustion and debilitive diseases. Ick.


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